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Street culture is a combination of art, music and sports, which is a self-release way for young people. Street culture has become a symbol of coolness and fashion for the new generation, and has become a part of their lives. Everyone should have his own street culture.


There are many forms of street cultures, and almost any art displays on the street can become a street culture. Modern street culture developed in the 1970s, mainly in Europe and the United States, especially in the fashion hotspots of the United States, emergence rapper, rock music and so on.


The current street culture breaks the tradition and is more exaggerative. These characteristics are welcomed by young people and spread quickly in the world. In Asia, the rap group first appeared in Japan and South Korea, then the street dance group appeared. They all influenced by street culture.


Street culture has many forms, such as hip-hop, clothes, graffiti, skateboard and street basketballs, bicycle motocross, parkour etc.


Street dance originated from the free movement of people. In many places, people and their children dance in the street all day. They all have own styles, and as more and more people are attracted by street dance, it has become a culture. Street dance is a kind of power dance which requires a lot of power, whether hand or foot, maybe the whole body. Today's street dance includes breaking, locking, popping, hip-hop etc.


Street basketball emerged in the United States which is the most common street culture. Standard venues is not necessary for street basketball. Generally speaking, setting up two basket frames in a place as big as a basketball court is enough. The culture of street basketball is constantly developing nowadays. The 3V3 street basketball model may become an Olympic project in the future.


Graffiti is easy to found around lanes, railways or subways. Young people paint on the walls to express their opinions and ideas. In the early days of the United States, some gangs even used graffiti to conquer their territory.  

Bicycle motocross are a sport that the rider must keep balance on a special bicycle to pass obstacles in the shortest time. It is not easy to pass obstacles without any physical contact with the ground. Nowadays, many young people are participate in this activity. This kind of bicycle is also very special, not only can realize 360 degrees rotate, but also has a strong grip.

Skateboard also requires athletes to keep balance and finish some challenging moves to show their personal abilities. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, the trend of American surfing music and film led people to look for land surfing in a surfboard-like board. The first skateboard was launched in 1959. In the late 1980s, the appearance of sandwich wooden obstacles and venues made skateboard very popular in a self-service form. There emerged many star athletes of skateboarders among new generation. Skateboard has a profound influence on the world's fashion trend. The Punk music that athletes love to listen to, the wide-skinned clothes they wear, and the nostalgic tennis shoes have all become world fashion.


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