Kingsk8 Bearings,Enjoy Your Skateboarding
Kingsk8 Bearings, The Dream Workshop
Kingsk8 Bearings are not just a manufacturer who makes bearings, Kingsk8 Bearings are a workshop for dreams of skateboard companies. 
Edwin Tan, the founder of Kingsk8 Bearings, are a professional engineer who has more than 25 years of experience in bearings industry. It's his dream to make high quality skateboard bearings for more and more skateboard companies, offering skaters with faster and funnier skateborading experience. 
The R&D team of Kingsk8 Bearings has made a breakthough of oxidizing bearings, bringing more colors to the bearings. Now we are capable of accepting nearly 90% of your customization request. Truly a workshop for your skateboard company dream to come true.    


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Ningbo Kingsky Ceramic Co.,Limited
Cixi High-tech Industrial Park, Ningbo City, China

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