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I'm a skater of over 10 years' experience. I've tried many skateboard bearing brands. Among them, bones ceramic bearings are my favorite. They give me a smooth ride and the speed is magnificient. But you know, things will grow old and I need a new one. But the problem is these bearings are super expensive. Spending over 100 bucks every time for a new set of bearings is like crazy to me. So I've been thinking if there're ceramic bearings at a price that doesn't break a bank, people will definitely go for it. That's a business opportunity out there!

So I start up my own company and source for the ceramic bearings. It took me like years to finally find the right supplier - Kingsk8 Bearings. They have great reputation in China and somehow my people in China get to know this supplier.

I've gotta say, this one is good and that is not a hype. When I sent him my designs, they are able to make them within a day and send me the photos of the sample. And I test the bearings, it is just like bones ceramic bearings! OMG! My customers are gonna like them!  10 sets, 100 sets, 1000 sets... I have to keep buying from them because our customers really like them. 
So I'm gonna give a big thumb up to Kingsk8 Bearings. I love working with them and I'm countable of what I say.   


                                                                 -- Skater and Entreprenuer

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