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  • Q What is skateboard bearings?


    Skateboard bearings are the round metal pieces that fit inside the wheels to mount wheels to the axle. They help the wheels spin while holding the weight. 

  • Q What size are skateboard bearings?

    A Normally the skateboard bearings have inner races and outer races. The diameter of inner races are 8mm  while that of outer races are 22mm. The width will be 7mm.

    Skateboard Bearings Size
    Image Source: Warehouse Skateboards
  • Q What kinds of skateboards can your bearings be applied to?

    A Kingsk8 bearings fit in well on skateboards, longboards, downhill skateboard, roller skate and even electric skateboard. If your element skateboards, santa cruz skateboards or any other skateboards have the standard wheels on, our bearings should do it.
  • Q How many bearings do you need for a skateboard?

    A Each wheel will take up two bearings. So the skateboard will need 8 bearings in total while the inline skate will need 16 bearings. The bearings are usually sold in a set of 8 bearings. So if you are looking for inline skate bearings, make sure you order at least two sets of 8 bearings. 
  • Q How are your bearings compared to Bones bearings?

    A Bones bearings are no doubt the best skateboard bearings in the world. We used to make quality bearings for Bones. Now we have various of top brands like Bones coming to us, which shows our ability to make bearings that meet high expectations. 
  • Q Why should I choose you instead of others?

    A It's really the matter of choosing what fit you the most. World's famous brand come to us for a reason. We try our best to meet nearly all of your customization requirement. Not only are we the manufacturer that produces high quality bearings, we are also workshops that help you creat what you really want.   
  • Q Where can I buy bearings?

    A Thank you for your interest in our products. To buy our bearings, you can simply log on to the product site, choose the products you like, and click the inquire button to send us messages. You can also add the products to the basket and send us inquiries so we know you are interested in multiple products.  

  • Q What customization service can you offer?

    A We can print or engrave your brand (logo/artwork) on the shields using laser. The package can also be customized according to your request. 
  • Q Where are you shipping from?

    A We are shipping from Ningbo or Shanghai, China. Most of the orders will be shipped within 5-10 days after payment. Kindly send us a copy of payment clearance after your payment. 
  • Q Does your bearings come with spacers and washers?

    A Our hot sale products King of Hearts, King of Spades, King of Clubs, King of Diamonds include spacers and washers. For other products, we can customize the package and put in spacers and washers if you like, only at a minimum extra cost.  
  • Q Can I get a free sample?

    A We are very sorry that we don't do free samples. You need to pay the samples and the shipping cost to get a sample. The MOQ of samples are 10 sets. 
  • Q Do you have bearings for professional skateboarders?

    A Yes, we do. Kingsk8 Bearings are all made to competition grade quality. We have pro skateboard bearings that will meet your expectation.

  • Q What is the precision of your bearings?

    A Normally we don't rate our bearings under ABEC system, but nearly everybody recognize ABEC rating, so for your better understanding, we will tell you honestly that most of our bearings are ABEC 9 bearings, and they are made to high grade precision. 
  • Q What are the types of skateboard bearings?

    A We have a huge amount of products due to our R&D investment. We have bearings that have steel balls inside and we have bearings that have ceramic balls inside. When it comes to races, we have titanium coating, anodized coating, both with multiple colors available. We also have built-in bearings, specially made for longboards. Visit our product site to explore more!

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